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Private Party?

Rent the Arcade

You can rent the entire arcade on Monday's or Tuesdays for $600, which includes 20 entries for 2 hours ($10 per entry after 20)

You can rent the party space during normal business hours Wednesday - Sunday for $100 for 1.5 hours, we discount the per person entry to $10 per person for the party members.  The entry is good for the entire day.


Admission is not transferable 

 Admission is required to stay in the arcade

Children under 12 must be accompanied by a guardian

Don’t bogart a machine if someone is waiting to play

Bringing in Food and Beverages

Feel free to bring in your own food and beverages for your event or party.  We have pizza, soda, water, beer, and seltzers available for purchase.  Contact us to get a quote for a package.



Let us know what type of party or event we can help plan

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